Extinguisher Powder 12 kg MED cartridge operated

Productcode: 321.12.12
Thanks to their broad spectrum of applications in
fire classes A, B and C, powder extinguishers are
the allrounders in fire extinguishing equipment.
The immediate extinguishing effect of ABC
powder is based on two extinguishing effects:
On the one hand, extinguishing powder has an
anticatalytic extinguishing effect. This means that
the oxygen radicals in the air are bound by the
powder and the fire is extinguished.
In addition, the extinguishing powder melts on the
hot burnt material and forms a so-called sinter
layer. The oxygen supply is obstructed and the
fire is additionally choked.

An extinguisher with 12 kg extinguishing agent
naturally has a significant weight. The larger the
device, the more urgent the need for a
comfortable carry handle. Jockel offers two
different grips universal and classic. Plus: we
considered the weight of each individual part, so
the fire extinguisher would be as light as possible.
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