Extinguisher Foam 9 liter MED cartridge operated

Productcode: 322.09.12
A perfect solution for initial fires of fire classes A
and B are these easily manageable foam
extinguishers. Due to the low specific density, the
water film-forming foam agents are able to
compose a sealed steam-tight aqueous layer on
the surface of fire, even with burning liquids. This
barrier prevents vapours and gases from
escaping and stops the oxygen supply to the
burning material. In this way, the fire is choked. In
addition, the foam has a cooling effect thanks to
its water content. The foam can be easily
removed afterwards. A significantly reduced
fluorine content means that these organic foams
by Jockel are a lot more environmentally
compatible. Of course, Jockel does not use foam
concentrate containing perfluorooctanesulfonate
(PFOS) or perfluorooctanesulfonic acid (PFOA).
An optimised formula, the increase in active
extinguishing substances and the fine
adjustment enhance the extinguishing effect of
the high-performance organic foams even more.

An extinguisher with 9ltr extinguishing agent
naturally has a significant weight. The larger the
device, the more urgent the need for a
comfortable carry handle. Jockel offers two
different grips universal and classic. Plus: we
considered the weight of each individual part, so
the fire extinguisher would be as light as possible.
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